"What a good idea! With the bed now out of the way (on the loft), my son now has more space in his bedroom for his study desk, library and even his piano! His bedroom is now also his living room!"
Hage Wee
"Ever since our bed loft was completed, our kids just enjoy climbing up and down the staircase. Never thought that we can have a staircase in our home. Even my husband enjoys sitting on the landing midway of the staircase to read his books."
Bedok Reservoir
"Indeed a very appropriate solution to a small area house like ours."
Tan Hai Kim
Heritage View
"For the price of this mezzanine bed loft, we now have extra floor area in our house at only a fraction of the original price p.s.f. of our house."
Sekaran Rajoo
Kew Crescent
"My room ceiling height is 3.5m. If I don't build a loft, my airspace will be wasted!"
Alex D
Tanglin Road
"Technically speaking, I have reclaimed land in my house."
Leong Siak Luen