We specialised in building bed lofts.  Nothing else.  This is evidenced by our company’s name, BED LOFT and our website name BedLoft.sg.

In January 2013, we observed that many residential units being built were getting smaller in area, with the exception of the ceilings which remained relatively high at 3m or more.  To circumvent the smaller size of such residential units, the idea of building bed lofts was conceived.

With passion, we ventured into this business of building bed lofts to help home owners take advantage of their high ceiling rooms to create more space.  Since then, it was no turning back as we became even more passionate about building bed lofts.

There is no one size fits all.  We build bed lofts after a good discussion with our clients on the design, size and colour theme that suit their taste and preference. Some of the tools we used to help our clients conceptualise their plan are dynamic 3-D drawings, samples of the material used, and photos, just to name a few.

Contact us for a free discussion.  We hope to have you as our happy client too.